Orphan Housing

eMi Canada drawing for future Doorway to Peace Haiti orphan housing in Faugasse, Haiti

eMi Canada drawing for future d2p orphan housing in Faugasse, Haiti

In the future,Doorway to Peace envisions providing housing for approximately forty orphan children who will also attend Pilgrim School. There will be a Christian couple as live in parental custodians for eight orphaned children in five homes. Here is a sketch for the homes we would like to build on land we already own. If the Lord calls you to the need of orphans consider making a donation for this project. The sooner we have funding the sooner we can build.

Please contact Marlane Codair, if you are interested in helping with the Doorway to Peace orphan housing ministry project in Haiti.

Find out different ways you can Contribute to Doorway to Peace Haiti projects.

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