Mt. Zion Prayer Center

eMi Canada Plans for the Doorway to Peace Mt. Zion Prayer Center near Faugasse, Haiti

eMi Canada Plans for the Doorway to Peace Mt. Zion Prayer Center near Faugasse, Haiti

Due to the extreme influence of vodooism in the Haitian culture and the lack of education on the subject, many of those who live in Haiti have developed fear. Many believe that something catastrophic may happen to them or their loved ones if they do not, practice voodoo. This kind of mindset is prevalent in the culture. Even those who are not directly involved in the practice have some concerns.

The Mount Zion Prayer Center will be a place to bring together and strengthen the Haitian Christian community of all denominations. Our vision is that it will provide a place to prepare, train and equip the Christian community in Haiti to intercede for the nation and to encourage Christians from all nations of the world to come and gain understanding of the situation in Haiti. It will be a place where all can seek and grow closer to God.

The immediate purpose of the Mount Zion Prayer Center is twofold: first, to overcome obstacles imposed on the culture through the erroneous teaching of vodooism by strengthening the understanding of the Word of God. The necessity to train and educate the Haitian communities in the area of spiritual warfare is vital. It will provide an effective learning environment for intensive workshops, conferences and retreats. It will be a place where the Haitian Christian community and Christians from around the world can gather, pray and learn. Second, It will provide a central place for Christians living in Haiti to come to intercede for the nation. Doorway to Peace plans that Mount Zion Prayer Center will be open twenty four hours a day for worship, prayer and fasting.

The underlying theme for the Mount Zion Prayer Center is to stress the necessity of turning the heart of the nation to God. The key verse through the process is 2 Chr.7:14: If my people, who belong to me, humble themselves, pray, seek to please me, and repent their sinful practices, then I will respond from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.

Thanks to the dedicated work of Engineering Ministries International (EMI) Canada the architectural plans for the Mount Zion Prayer Center are complete. Doorway to Peace owns and has dedicated the land for the Mount Zion Prayer Center. Our present urgent need is funding for construction materials to begin building. Will you join us in this project of utmost importance by making a donation.

Please contact Joseph Delva, if you are interested in helping with the Mt. Zion Prayer Center project in Haiti.

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Download a eMi Canada d2p Mt. Zion Prayer Center Brochure (PDF)

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